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First of all Welcome to the steroids-on-line.eu Forum

1. There is absolutely NO advertising to buy steroids or sources or dealers. THIS INCLUDES ADDRESSES IN YOUR SIGNATURE LINE OR ANYWHERE IN ANY POST YOU MAKE.

2. DO NOT post asking where to get steroids . This includes what we call "fishing", which is any post stating that you have a desire to find steroids and you are having trouble finding them. This rule is broken a lot, fishing here will not be tolerated.

3. There is NO posting of another person's information without prior approval of the person in question.

4. We have a strict NO FLAME POLICY. If you post harassing other members, while offering no helpful or useful information, you will be banned. This includes PM's, we ask that all correspondence between members and/or staff be respectful. You don't always have to agree, but you do always have to show mutual respect.

5. There is NO posting of pornographic pictures or messages. This includes pictures in your AVATAR, as well as links to pornographic websites. We have quite a few female members that reside on A.R., and we intend to offer them the same environment as we do the male population here.

6. We tolerate NO excessive foul language. We understand people need to vent or get a point across, please just keep it to a minimum.

7.  DO NOT post possible scammers on the main board. The monitors will be happy to handle any scammer problems, and if all checks out, the person in question will be posted where appropriate.

8. There is to be NO naming or asking for sources. (ie.websites or email addresses included)

9. There CAN be brands and UGL's talked about and pictures posted. We do have a fine line that we are asking you not to cross when posting about them. Price discussions often lead to source discussions PLEASE be cautious. Also you can pm me if you feel your post may cross the line I will be happy to assist you.

10. Categorically no discussion of Recreational Drugs of any kind for any reason.

11. Do Not post links to other forums. Everyone has the right to visit sites as they wish, but advertising those sites here will not be tolerated.

12. Do Not post names or links to research or supplement companies with the exception of the board's sponsor. If you wish to use another research company, or communicate via pm concerning one, that is fine, but please don't advertise them on the main board.

13. You must be at least 18 years old to be a member here.

14. Please DO NOT have avatars that are religiously, politically, sexually, etc. offending in ANYWAY to ANYBODY.

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