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I purchased beginners cycle 2 which promised gains with strength after completing the cycle as instructed there were no gains in either mass or strength this is a very poor product I messaged and asked for a refund as I would have been as well taking an aspirin or a vitamin pill.
The site states they will respond to questions within an hour I have given them a week to respon.


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If you don't mind me asking what beginner course injectable or oral what's ur diet like do you train how often how old are you what do you weigh and what did you weigh before asking as I used test and Winstrol put 2 stone on kept one after pct so was happy
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Well, well, well... can I first say that I am in no way endorsed by this site or the owners. But what you're saying is just sheer madness...

Just so we're all on the same page let's see what you're taking about?

2x Dianabol, 1x Anadrol, 1x Winstrol 1x Milk Thistle & 1x Nolvadex.

• Anadrol (Oxymetholone) is the strongest Oral steroid for Strength, Power and Size

• Winstrol to cut, shape, harden and give the lean physique look

• Dianabol also excellent for Strength, Power and Size

 Milk Thistle to help keep the Liver free from toxins

 Includes Nolvadex (4 weeks PCT)

The dosages are bang on from what I have seen recommended.

How have you not gained mass or strength? If you are doing the following:

  • Using compound lifts whilst following a progressive overload program
  • Eating for your goals (cutting=caloric deficit / bulking=caloric excess)
  • Hitting minimum 1g of protein per lean Kg of BW.
  • Resting and sleeping properly. Supplementing the body with vitamins and minerals.
Then I guarantee you will. I have.

Whats your stats? Whats your goals? training age? and then we can start to see...

I have used J's products numerous times. injectables, test and prop, and orals; dbol and annvar as well as the recommended PCTs.

At the minute I use Dbol at 20-30mg a day... and the internet will cry! orals only! thats stupid... no the internet is stupid. Unless you have done the cycles and have trained hard, eaten right and stuck to the script - the results are not gonna happen. I'm sorry but you have to graft. Squat 1.5xbw, bench 1xbw, dead 2x bodyweight, be able to chin and dip and have a structured training plan - then start using gear it will be a GAME CHANGER.

I back this sites products 100% - I have had some duff products before but this stuff is quality and really we should be grateful that it is. Again, i will say I am not in anyway endorsed by the owner.
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